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Organization of the educational process, control over the provision of academic activities of the university, the development of the academic calendar and control over its implementation, the preparation, collection and storage of files with academic documents of students at the professional level and other tasks related to the implementation of educational activities of the university.

  • Ensuring compliance with labor laws at IUCA, implementing a human resource management system based on sound planning, training and recruitment that contributes to the successful functioning of the university;

  • Formation and development of IUCA brand, organization of work on interaction with existing and potential employees, which makes it an attractive place to work, study, as well as active management of the university image in the eyes of partners, potential employees and students.

  • participation in the development and implementation of the university's strategy in terms of providing its personnel and the development of the MUCA brand;

  • ensuring legal and social protection of the employee;

  • formation of the personnel reserve and work with it;

  • formation of positive image of the university;

  • increasing the level of employees' confidence in the university;

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