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The mission of the "Pedagogy" program is to provide high-quality education and prepare qualified educators capable of implementing innovative teaching methods, fostering creative thinking, and developing leadership skills in the field of education. We aim to inspire and educate students by providing them with theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and ethical principles necessary for a successful career in the education sector


The need for quality education will never disappear. Hundreds of organizations in every corner of the country need qualified faculty.  

Once upon a time someone said: "Very soon parents will be looking for a good teacher for their children." That time has come. And how important it is that the teacher is a competent professional, fair, respectful of the personality of the student. And also - sensitive, modern and creative.

That's the kind of teacher parents, school administrators and any educational center are looking for today.

The qualified faculty of the International University of Central Asia's Pedagogy Department strives…




Asekova Zhyldyz

PhD, Associate Professor

  • Pedagogical Design

  • Models of parent-school cooperation. Extracurricular work

  • Workshop on personal growth of a teacher

  • Critical Skills 

Nizovskaya Irina Anatolievna

PhD, professor

  • Children's literature. Expressive Reading Workshop

  • Technology for developing critical thinking in elementary school

  • Fundamentals of primary literary education

  • Critical Skills

  • Monitoring and assessing student achievements

  • Methodology and methods of psychological and pedagogical research

Andrianova Natalya Alekseevna


  • Bases of Presentation Design

  • Folk Game Culture Studies

  • Bases of Aesthetic Education for Children of Elementary School

  • World Art

Bulatova Viktoriya Aleksandrovna

acting Associate Professor

  • Theory and methods of development of coherent speech

  • Pedagogical Rhetoric

  • Multilingual Education

  • Information and Computer Technology

  • Russian Language. Academic Writing

Shavralieva Gulbara Orozbaevna

acting associate professor

  • Kyrgyz Language and Literature

  • Professional Kyrgyz Language Development

Roslyakova Elena Aleksandrovna

Senior lecturer

  • Methods of Teaching and Evaluation of Mathematics in Primary School,

  • Updating the school course of mathematics. Workshop on solving mathematical problems, 

  • Methods of teaching the Russian language in elementary school,

  • Updating the school course of the Russian language. Workshop on the types of analysis in elementary school,

  • Teaching literacy. Workshop on calligraphy

Sharshenbek uulu Tilek


  • Kyrgyz Language and Literature

  • Manas Studies

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