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The mission of the program "Information Technology" is the implementation of comprehensive and quality training of qualified specialists in the field of software development in the process of bachelor's education.


Information technology is a fascinating, complex, and evolving field that continually affects the world and everyday life.

Nowadays computer skills are becoming as indispensable as reading and writing. And if you are interested in how the computer is set up, which programs allow you to work with information presented not only in text and digital form, but also in the form of graphics, web-pages, audio and video files, how to write program code and create computer applications, then the "Information Technologies" department of the International University of Central Asia is for you!

Having passed successively the way from a beginner…




Veis P.L.

Head of program

  • Computer Sciense

  • Introduction to Information Technology

  • Introduction to Data Analytics and Visualization

  • Introduction to Web-technologies

  • UI/UX Design

  • Database Technologies

  • Information Technologies in Business

  • Decision Making Theory

  • Management of graduate qualification works

Asanov R.A.

PhD, Associate Professor

  • Mathematics

  • Linear algebra and analytical geometry

  • Mathematical Analysis

  • Discrete Mathematics

  • Mathematical logic and theory of algorithms

  • Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics

  • Computational Mathematics

Bolotbek uulu Nursultan

senior lecturer

  • Introduction to object-oriented programming

  • Sports programming

  • Algorithms and Data Structures

  • Machine Learning

  • Data mining

Mamazhanov A. Zh.

senior lecturer

  • Introduction to object-oriented programming

  • Information security and data protection

Ashimova A.Zh.

senior lecture

  • Computer Sciense

  • Introduction to Information Technology

  • Information Security and Data Protection

  • Information Systems Design

  • Cyber Hygiene

  • ICT standards systems

  • Management of graduate qualification works

Witt R.G.

senior lecture

  • Electronics and electrical engineering

  • Introduction to Robotics

  • Physics

  • Circuitry design

  • Computer Architecture

  • Software Engineering

Tarasov I.S.

senior lecture

  • Computer networks

  • Operating Systems

  • Information security

  • Switching, routing and wireless essentials

Sharton A.A.

senior lecture

  • Web - programming

Podkopaeva A.A.

teaching assistant

  • Introduction to object-oriented programming

  • Programming languages

  • Information Systems Design

Zhanuzakova M.K.


  • Software testing

Islamova A.G.

senior lecture

  • Ecology

  • Geography

  • Contemporary Scientific Concepts

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