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The IUCA Guest House is a unique place where people of different cultures and nationalities live, where ideas and knowledge are exchanged.


The IUCA Guest House is equipped with the most modern security systems - it is a comfortable place to live and learn for all our students.


The IUCA Guest House is located in the central part of Tokmok, in the immediate proximity of cultural, entertainment, shopping, medical and sports facilities of the city.


Guest house is a multi-storey comfortable house with 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and two entrances. There are 5 students in 2-bedroom apartments and 6 students in 3-bedroom apartments.

Guest house has comfortable living rooms: kitchen, study room, computers, laundry room. The Guest House has 24-hour access to WiFi, as well as a TV for watching entertainment and educational programs.

The accommodation fee for the guest house is 49,500c (payment in two installments).

Package of documents when checking into the Guest House IUCA

1. Passport, birth certificate.

2. Medical certificate (Form No. 086/U)

3. A receipt of payment.

4. Photo 3/4 - 3 pieces.

Technical staff:

Sokolova M.V. 


Security Service:

Imanaliev K. T. 

Sultanov A. Sh.

Kysamedinov A. ZH.

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