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The work of the Health Office is conducted in accordance with all requirements of the Sanitary Epidemiological Station and sanitary rules and regulations.


The goals and objectives of the Health Office are aimed at:

  1. Carrying out activities aimed at preservation and strengthening of health

  2. Decrease of number of diseases, motivation of students and employees to personal responsibility for their health (annual medical examination of employees and students).

  3. Prevention of socially-significant diseases (COVID-19, Omicron, Influenza)

  4. To reduce the incidence of COVID-19 vaccination for students and staff was carried out on-site vaccination, as well as vaccination against influenza.

  5. Outpatient appointments were made daily for students and staff to provide primary pre-hospital care.

  6. Information materials and health bulletins on various topics are placed in MUCA on the third floor.

  7. The Health Office of the IUCA interacts with all structural subdivisions on the issues of health protection and health promotion.

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