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The mission of the "Business Administration" program is to shape professional leaders and managers capable of effectively managing business processes in the modern dynamic economic environment. We provide students with not only theoretical knowledge in management, marketing, and finance but also practical experience and skills necessary for making informed decisions. Our mission is to foster critical thinking, entrepreneurial spirit, and ethical values so that graduates can contribute successfully to the global business community


In the world of business and management, your potential is limitless. In the Business Management department, you will master strategic thinking, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills. Here, you not only learn how to create a successful business but also how to manage a team, make crucial decisions, and adapt to the evolving entrepreneurial landscape. This department is the gateway to boundless opportunities in the realms of business and leadership




Maksat Dzhekshen

PhD in Political Science, MBA, Associate professor 

  • IFRS, International Economic Relations, 

  • International Business and Foreign Economic Affairs, 

  • Business Competence, 

  • Legal support for business

Adamkulova E.K.

D. in Economics, Associate Professor, a.i. professor

  • Intro to Accounting, 

  • Financial Accounting,

  •  ManagerialAccounting, 

  • Economic Analysis

Mukhamedyarova V.

Lecturer, assistant

  • Budgeting and financial planning

Kim S.A.

D. in Economics, Associate Professor

  • Business organization, 

  • Basics of accounting,

  • Taxes and taxation, 

  • 1C enterprise, 

  • Office management and document flow

Chekirbaev U.K.

MBA, Associate professor 

  • Project Management, 

  • Brand Managenet

Asanov R.A.

D. in Ph.and M.

  • Business Statistics, 

  • Mathematical Methods in Economics and Business

Sarbanov U.K.

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Professor

  • Economics

Dzhumabaev A.M.

MBA, Associate Professor

  • Strategic and operational management, 

  • Business communication and business ethics

Priest J.

MBA, Associate professor 

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Wai-Sum Siu

PhD, professor

  • Marketing

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