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The Department of Information Technology, as a structural subdivision of the IUCA, performs the following functions:

1. Determine the needs and procurement of active network equipment, servers, data backup and recovery tools, information security tools, network infrastructure control and management tools, peripheral equipment, computing equipment and components, software, consumable materials and spare parts for printing devices and office equipment, other equipment, machinery and materials necessary for the work of the Department, within the approved budget.

2. Planning and distribution of computer and office equipment, software, in accordance with the needs of the University

3. Installation, setup, technical support and maintenance:

- servers;

- active network equipment;

- hardware and software tools for information protection;

- hardware and software tools for monitoring and management of the network infrastructure;

- tools for data backup and recovery;

- workstations;

- peripheral equipment;

- software;

- office equipment.

4. Technical support for the university's academic activities

5. Diagnostics and troubleshooting of software, computing and office equipment.

6. Providing a system of access to network resources and access rights to modes and functions of application software.

7. Ensuring information security of the local area network, servers, and user data

8. Ensuring backup and recovery of servers, databases, and user data

9. Coordinating with vendors and manufacturers of computing and office equipment for warranty service and repairs.

10. Preparing acts for writing off nonrepairable computer equipment, office equipment and consumables


1. development of information technology within the University activities

2. implementation of work on ensuring the smooth functioning and development of software and hardware complexes and local area networks

3. ensuring the protection of information that constitutes trade secrets in the process of the University's activities;


1. ensuring the required level of information security;

2. providing information and technical support for computer equipment and software; 3;

3. work on optimizing the use of information and technical resources.

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