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Triple pride and triple responsibility
Today's challenges of society define an educational culture that is capable of regulating the norms, values, policies, and professional worldview of a higher education institution. Thus the programs and faculty of the International University steadily "keep their hand on the pulse" by developing unique and authored courses, are in an active position to discuss with students how to improve the learning process. This policy of our university has been well received!

The Agency for Quality Assurance in Education "EdNet" presented THREE awards to the International University of Central Asia. The nominees for the Best Quality Management Award were the Pedagogy Program. The teaching staff of the program is constantly working on its qualifications, improving the learning process, using innovative methods and approaches. This

it gives a great opportunity for every student to discover his or her potential and find his or her destination!

The "Best Student-oriented Program" award was given to the Linguistics program. "The student is the main consumer of educational services, his interests and his needs are the main reference point in the implementation of educational programs. The attitude to the student is a criterion of modernity and modernity of the program and the university. Favorable and comfortable educational environment for disclosure of potential, professional and personal development and the implementation of individual flexible learning paths of students are the main conditions for a successful student-oriented program" - these are the criteria of the Agency "EdNet" Professor Irina Anatolievna Nizovskaya selected as "Best Expert EdNet" is the author of unique training manuals and courses. For over 20 years in the education system, she has been an expert in many educational projects, both national and international.

and international projects. This external evaluation makes the management and staff of the university proud.

The university's policy, which prioritizes academic integrity and academic freedom, always strives to meet the modern challenges of the educational world. These awards not only motivate the faculty and staff of the university to personal and professional growth, but also increase responsibility to match and keep the brand of "the best"!



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