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Student scientific conference on the topic: "Problems of science: a student's view"
On December 15, 2022, the Student Scientific Conference on the topic 'Issues in Science: a Student's Perspective' took place in the field of 'Pedagogy' at the Institute of Humanities, MUCA

One of the indicators of the academic level of higher education is the ability to work with scientific literature, compare different views of scholars, analyze and synthesize them. In connection with this, the following goal of the conference was defined: to demonstrate competencies in working with sources

Students made reports, where an attempt was made to review the scientific literature on the topic of research, the first field studies and their analysis. The conference also fostered students' public speaking, professional dialogue and discussion skills. At the conference, students and teachers, showed interest in the topics of reports, active listening caused a lot of questions and open discussion. It is necessary to notice that all stages of carrying out of conference, planning of date, the name of conference, working out of the information letter, distribution and formation of structure of conference were carried out too by students. It was a great opportunity to develop "soft skills" as well.



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