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Melvin Tong's Guest Lecture
On May 18-19, 2022, International University in Central Asia hosted a guest lecture by Melvin Wong, an experienced licensed clinical psychologist (PSY12233) who specializes in preventing crisis emotional stress at work, in the course of his studies

The University's Institute of Humanities (IHH) has a special focus on this issue and examines these processes in the context of global trends. The lectures of the professor from California included two important questions today: how to prevent yourself from psychological burnout and how to increase motivation for self-education.

As you know, since 2019 professional emotional burnout syndrome is included in the International Classification of Diseases, i.e. officially recognized as a factor that overwhelms human society in the age of information technology.

Lecturers discussed with students the problems of maintaining and increasing motivation in learning and self-education. And after the lectures and discussions students did not let the lecturer go, asked questions, the whole second part was in the form of discussion. Working language was English. Simultaneously the consecutive translation was conducted, the translator - the student BA-121 Kanatbekova Madina. The students expressed an opinion that it is very important to pay attention to your mood, reflection to social factors surrounding you in order to help yourself in time and to avoid a psychological burnout and to be motivated to be engaged in self-education during all your life.



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