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IUCA discovers Taiwan's innovative universities
From April 20 to April 28, a delegation from IUCA visited Taiwan to develop cooperation with Tunkhai University and establish contacts with new partners. Cooperation with Tunghai University and to establish contacts with new partners.
The delegation represented by the director of the Humanities and Technical College of MUCA - Valery Storozhevs and the head of the "Linguistics. Chinese language" program- Alamanova Akbermet Salamatovna made a visit to Tunkhai University, which is located in the city of Taichung, Taiwan.

During the visit, meetings were held with the university administration and heads of programs in the following areas: computer technology, Chinese language studies, etc. The meetings were very positive. The meetings were held in a very positive way, agreements were reached to expand cooperation in a number of areas, both in the issue of sending students on exchange programs, and on the issues of professional development of teachers and staff

of IUCA. Also, meetings were held with the staff who are engaged in administrative and economic issues at the university, it was very important for the delegation to adopt best practices in the effective management of the educational institution.

Special mention should be made of the students from Kyrgyzstan, who have a reputation in Tunghai University as diligent students who show good results. Members of the delegation noted that our students are very cohesive and friendly.

In general, the IUCA delegation was very impressed by the quality of higher education in Taiwan, how high quality, high-tech and dynamic it is.



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