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First Youth Forum "Initiative. Team. Success"
June 12, 2022 Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor A.A. Abdukarimova participated as a speaker in the First Youth Forum "Initiative. Team. Success" on the topic "Green Technology in Smart Cities", which was developed during the course "Sustainable Cities" within the project Erasmus+ "Strengthening the Green Economy in three developing countries: India, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan" (EGEA)

The participants of the forum were young people from youth organizations. This forum was held with the support of the Institute of Youth Development, the Embassy of Germany, Tokmok Jashtar Kenesh. Aigul Abdukarimova spoke about Smart or sustainable cities as a new phenomenon of the XXI century, which reflects three current global trends: a) the accelerating process of urbanization, b) the rapid process of digitalization of the economy and society, c) the growing attention to sustainable urban development. All those trends intersected in the urban agglomeration space. She noted that the concept of a "smart city" includes four components: quality of life as the main goal; broad public participation in the development, monitoring and implementation of activities of a "smart city"; sustainability of urban development; wide use of digital and other technologies in the economic, social and cultural spheres of city life.

According to many researchers, there are now many reasons to believe that the modern concept of "smart city" is transformed into the concept of "smart sustainable city" (Smart Sustainable City), when the emphasis is not only on information and communication technologies, human capital, but also on the issues of achieving sustainable development.



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