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Conference 401
On May 13, the 401 Conference took place, specifically organized for 4th-year students and graduates of the Moscow University of Creative Arts (MUCA) who are interested in innovations and exploring new career opportunities. This event brought together young and ambitious students and graduates of our university eager to expand their knowledge, exchange experiences, and find inspiration for their future professional achievements

The 401 Conference offered participants a unique opportunity to meet leading experts from various industries and learn from them. Throughout the day, attendees had the chance to attend diverse presentations and discussions covering a wide range of topics related to innovation and career growth.

Key speakers at the conference included invited specialists from technology companies, startups, the academic community, and successful entrepreneurs. They shared their personal success stories, talked about their professional achievements, and presented fresh ideas that are changing the world.

During the conference, participants had the opportunity to discuss the latest technologies, business trends, innovative problem-solving approaches, and development opportunities in various fields. Panel discussions were organized, allowing participants to ask questions and receive valuable advice from experienced professionals.

Additionally, the conference provided participants with the chance to meet potential employers and build valuable connections in their field. A startup exhibition was organized, where participants could explore innovative projects and ideas, as well as connect with representatives from various companies.

The 401 Conference proved to be a source of inspiration and motivation for all attendees. Participants gained valuable knowledge, expanded their professional networks, and gained insight into how to leverage innovation and career opportunities to achieve their goals.

You can view photos from this event by following the link



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