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"Education: Problems and Prospects, Values and Innovations".
On April 30, 2022, the International University of Central Asia together with the Kyrgyz Academy of Education held an International Scientific Conference on "Education: problems and prospects, values and innovations"

Welcoming remarks were made by: President of KAO - Professor Nazira Kubanychbekovna Duisheyeva, President of IUCA - Professor John Rosslyn Clark, Provost - Professor Kamilla Duishebayeva.

At the plenary session were made by scientists and professors from: Cambridge University - David Frost, Moscow University of Psychology and Education - Professor Bronius Aismontas, Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy - Mikailova Ulvia, Beidullaeva Aysel, Rector of Kazakhstan Women Pedagogical University Kanai Gulmira.

In the sections, presentations were made by scientists, researchers, and teachers from KAO and higher educational institutions of Kyrgyzstan: Balasagyn KNU, Yeltsin KRSU, I. Arabayev KSU, MUKR, Osh State University, International Kuwait University, and IUCA.

Our stakeholders were invited as guests of honor.

The topics of reports were quite diverse and the participants noted that the problems of education today in the age of globalization are the same regardless of the country. And it is important to organize such discussion platforms, which promote the exchange of experiences, innovative ideas and discussion of "growth points" for both the individual educational institution, the global teaching community, and the education system as a whole.

The administration of IUCA expresses its deep gratitude to the President of the CAO, Professor Nazira Kubanychbekovna Dyusheyeva for her support of the initiative to jointly hold the International Scientific Conference!

We hope that this is a step towards further fruitful cooperation!



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