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Decided to become part of IUCA?

Now we will tell you everything you need to know before applying for admission!



To submit your application, you can visit the university during business hours (Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 16:00) or fill out the online application by following the link!

6 photos 3x4

6 photos 3x4 (color matte) + 1 photo in electronic format! This is important as we need to prepare student IDs.

Copy of the passport

Document certifying identity and citizenship - passport. Only a copy is required!

Certificate of enlistment or military ID

A copy of this document is required only for conscripts!

Document of Education

Document of state standard on complete secondary education - diploma (original)!

ORT Certificate

It is necessary to provide the original ORT certificate. The minimum passing score is 110!


12 full scolarships

12 full scolarships are provided by IUCA.
Criteria: ORT score over 200, TOEFL PBT score over 450.

Financial Support

Granted based on applicants financial status and for high academic performance;
Scholarships from university trustees, including 100% of contract fees, guest house fees, and personal expenses.

Critical Thinking and Leadership

We teach out-of-the-box thinking and creative thinking, and develop each student's leadership skills.


We ensure the quality of education by our faculty members from Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek), the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Home Stay

IUCA students live in comfortable apartments in the center of Tokmok.

Dual Diploma

We offer a state diploma and an American-style institutional diploma.

Academic Integrity

Absence of any corrupt grading schemes.

Exchange Programs and Academic Mobility

Exchange programs are working successfully with the USA, PRC, Russia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, and Norway.

Advanced Student Clubs

Fun student life is provided by: the Senate, the vocal and theatre studio, Enactus IUCA, sports clubs (volleyball, basketball, soccer), etc.

Auxiliary Services

Career Development Center, International Office, Medical Office and Student Psychological Support Office etc.

Student Activities

Initiation Ceremony, Halloween, New Year, Maslenitsa, Nooruz, Commencement and many others.


  • How much does tuition cost at IUCA?
    For citizens of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan - 80,000 som For citizens of the Russian Federation - 90,000 som For international students from other countries - 100,000 som
  • How can I get a discount on tuition?
    There are several ways to get a discount on tuition at MUCA. If you score 200 or above on the main ORT test, you can study at our university completely free of charge! If your family is facing financial difficulties or if the applicant has high academic achievements, you can apply for financial aid. However, to do this, you need to collect a list of necessary documents!
  • What documents are required to apply for financial aid?
    Family composition certificate or a copy of the household book. If the student is registered separately from the parents/guardian - a certificate for both the student and their parents/guardian. Document from the State Register confirming the presence or absence of real estate for each adult family member. Certificate or document reflecting the current market value of all registered real estate, excluding the housing where the student is registered or resides. Certificate from the State Automobile Inspection regarding the presence or absence of vehicles for each adult family member. Income statements, payments made to the individual, and deductions of income tax and pension contributions for the last year for each adult family member. If parents/guardians are private entrepreneurs - a certificate from the tax office on the registration of a private entrepreneur, income declaration for the last year, and an extract from the individual pension account. If parents/guardians are unemployed - a document from the employment center confirming their social status. In case parents are not working - copies of employment records (first and last pages). If parents/guardians are retirees due to age or disability - a copy of the pension certificate. Students from incomplete families - a document confirming this fact (divorce certificate, death certificates of parents, adoption papers, etc.). If there are disabled individuals in the family - a medical certificate. Certificate confirming the enrollment in other universities for other family members. Utility bills for the last six months (only heating, electricity, gas).
  • Is dormitory accommodation provided?
    Of course! Dormitory accommodation is provided for out-of-town and international students, but it is an additional cost. The monthly fee is 5500 som. If you have any questions regarding the guesthouse, you can contact the Director, Dilora Karimovna, at 0557254027. She will provide complete consultation and answer any questions you may have.
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