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Online training "Green Economy: International Experience"
On June 13, a meeting with government officials took place at the Finnadzor platform, as part of the recent online seminar "Green Economy: International Experience

International University in Central Asia as part of the Erasmus+ project "Strengthening Green Economy in Three Asian Countries: Nepal, India, Kyrgyzstan" (EGEA) continues activities to disseminate knowledge about green economy policies in the Kyrgyz Republic. We have developed and conducted online training "Green Economy: International Experience" for civil servants of the Financial Market Regulation and Supervision Service under the Ministry of Economy and Commerce of the Kyrgyz Republic from June 23 to June 27, 2022.

On June 13, the meeting with civil servants was held at the site of the Financial Supervision Service, as part of the online seminar "Green Economy: International Experience". At this meeting there was a ceremonial presentation of certificates to the staff of the Central Office and the Southern Territorial Office of Finnadzor. Lectures covered a wide range of factors affecting development: corporate social responsibility, waste management, eco-tourism, eco-law, agriculture, public policy, and social activism.

Finnadzor staff took an active part in the seminar, which discussed economic and environmental issues of Kyrgyzstan's future development.

Lecturers were teachers from IUCA Aigul Abdukarimova, Angela Islamova, and Nurzad Alymkulova. Mr. Sarbanov U.K., Chair of Finnadzor, expressed an interest in additional meetings and guest lectures. Also staff members from ICCA made a presentation at the event, thanking for their active participation the leadership and staff of Financial Control Service.

The event was also attended by employees of IUCA and thanked the leadership and staff of Finsnadzor.



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