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Congratulations to the IUCA team for winning a prize in the inter-university spring hackathon
At the Inter-University Spring Programming Hackathon “Using AI to Solve Social Problems” which held on April 26-27, 2024, organized by the Kyrgyz-German Institute of Applied Informatics with the support of the High Technology Park, FINBOOK and other partners, first-year students of the Information Technology program of the International University in Central Asia showed an impressive result, taking 3rd place out of 15 teams of participants.

Arstanbekova Luiza, Kucherenko Arina and Gubskaya Daria presented the project “Hand in Hand”, which aimed to create a web-based communication platform for volunteers who are ready to help people with disabilities to find the necessary help and support both from society and from people with similar life difficulties. The trained artificial intelligence model used in the project helps to assign users with similar problems and interests to appropriate communities, providing them with a sense of inclusion and support in society.



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