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Серикова Л.М.
Professional development as a component of the professional competence of an English teacher. Article. Tokmok: IUCA, March, 2018 – 8pp

Presentation, Practice and Production Framework (PPP): one of the communicative ways to teach grammar effectively and creatively at any level. Article. Tokmok: IUCA, SPR – 2020, 9pp.

The role of mentality in learning English through communicative approach. Article. Bishkek: IUK, August, 2020, 8pp.

Similarities and differences when students from two different cultures (Kyrgyzstan and Norway) evaluate their first experience with Problem-based Learning (PBL). Presentation EECERA – 2021 (FALL -2021, August) Max. 1500 words.

Gender Issues in Education (8th grade, Level: Intermediate) . Lesson plan for ELT magazine “Round Table” Bishkek: Lingua Foundation, January, 2022

Students in Early Childhood Teacher Education and their first experience with Problem-Based Learning. A comparative study on similarities and differences from the perspective of students in Kyrgyzstan and Norway. Research article (Fall -2021 -SPR -2023) Max. 7000 words.

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