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Деннис Р. Брико
Student Manual for Keystone 3000: Languages and Cultures, for use in KEY 3000 Languages and Cultures (2018).

Introducción a la Lexicología Española, for use in SPAN 3910 Spanish Lexicology (2017).

Lexicology for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language, for use by faculty in the TEFL program at the Universidad del Valle, Guatemala (2016).

Avances: Resumen de gramática, léxico y composición, for use in SPAN 3150 Advanced Grammar and Composition (2015).

Guidebook for SPAN 3200, for use in SPAN 3200 Peninsular Literature II: Romanticism and Realism (2013).

Guidebook for SPAN 3100, for use in SPAN 3100 Peninsular Literature I: Medieval through the Golden Age (2013).

Lexical Warmers II, for use in SPAN 2010 Intermediate Spanish I (2013).

Lexical Warmers I, for use in SPAN 1010 Beginning Spanish I (2012).

Marcos Temporales, for use in SPAN 2010-2010 Intermediate Spanish I & II (2012).

Cultural Excursions 3, for use in Advanced Culture course in summer ESL program (2007)

Cultural Excursions 2, for use in High Intermediate Culture course in summer ESL program (2007)

Cultural Excursions 1, for use in Low Intermediate Culture course in summer ESL program (2007)

American Studies Handbook, for use in Culture courses in summer ESL program (2006)

Culture Keys, for use in Advanced Reading-Vocabulary course in summer ESL program (2006)

Advanced Structure Workbook, which forms the basis of the ESL 0980 course of the same name (2005)

Book review of Words, Meanings and Vocabulary: An Introduction to Modern English Lexicology (Jackson and Zé Amvela, 2007). Higher Education Interest Section News (March 2015).

Book review of Blended Learning in English Language Teaching: Course Design and Implementation (Tomlinson and Whittaker, eds., 2013). TESOL Quarterly 49 (1) (March 2015).

Book review of Next Generation Grammar 4 (Biesenbach-Lucas & Brantner-Artenie, 2013). Higher Education Interest Section News (February 2014).

Book review of Focus on Grammar 3: An Integrated Skills Approach (Fuchs, Bonner & Westheimer, 2012). Higher Education Interest Section News (January 2013).

Book review of Entre Socios: Español para el Mundo Profesional (Carney & Coria-Sánchez, 2011). NECTFL Review 70 (September 2012).

Book review of Sonidos en Contexto: Una Introducción a la Fonética del Español con Especial Referencia a la Vida Real (Morgan, 2010). NECTFL Review 67 (January 2011).

Book review of Real Grammar: A Corpus-Based Approach to English (Conrad & Biber, 2009). Higher Education Interest Section News, 30 (1) (2011).

Book review of Using Surveys in Language Programs (Brown, J., 2001) in Essential Teacher, March 2008, Vol. 5, No. 1

Book review of Teaching English to the World: History, Curriculum, Practice (Braine, G., ed., 2005). TESOL Quarterly 41 (2) (June 2007).

“A Different Taxonomy for Language Learning,” ITBE Newsletter, Summer 2011, Vol. 39, No. 2.

“The Pendulum Swing in Evaluating Students’ Grammar,” ITBE Newsletter, Winter 2008, Vol. 36, No. 4.

"Legal Bases for Dealing with Academic Dishonesty," College and University, 82 (4) (2007).

“Practical Approaches to ESL Course Evaluation,” ITBE Newsletter, Summer 2007, Vol. 35, No. 2.

Reviewer, Creative Grammar series (Books 1, 2, and 3). Butler, NJ: Spotlight Learning (2007)

“Facing Plagiarism Head-On" in ESL Magazine 58 (July/August 2007)

"Penny Wise or Pound Foolish? The Financial Implications of Adjunct Faculty," Illinois TESOL/BE Newsletter, February, 1999.

"Exploring the World by Radio," World Explorer, 9/93

Translator, "Chinese Symbols in the Dead Sea Scrolls," World Explorer, 6/92

"Teacher Finds Challenges in Hungary," Wartburg Magazine, 6/89

Academic Dishonesty: Developing and Implementing Institutional Policy (2007). Washington, DC: American Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officer [AACRAO].

“Movie Reviews: A Multi-Skills Approach to Redesigning a Grammar Course,” ITBE Newsletter, Summer 2006, Vol. 34, No. 2.

Conversation Cards for Contemporary English series, books 1-4, McGraw-Hill Contemporary (project completed in 2005 but suspended after publisher was absorbed by another company)

Assessing Quality in Undergraduate Foreign language Programs, ERIC Database ED473832, 2003

Assessing Quality in Undergraduate Foreign Language Programs, Doctoral Dissertation, UMI Digital Abstracts, #AAT 3039272, 2001

Assessing Quality in Undergraduate Foreign Language Programs, Doctoral Dissertation, Loyola University, 2001

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