The Seven Habits

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In January 2015, a two day seminar, conducted in English by Jackie and Tony Nelson (Directors of etc4CA), provided practical insights into ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen Covey. Each of the habits were presented and discussed, looking at how such leading practices can be applied in work, study and social life. The students also participated in several business games drawing out the essential learning points of each topic.

etc4CA have been working with IUCA since 2011, running various courses to develop business skills suited for the workplace.


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A Step towards reading


On December 2, the students of IUCA’s Pedagogy program received a gift from UNICEF - educational materials to promote family reading.

The library of the University has received about 100 books. This is serious informational support for the preparation of future preschool teachers. Students are particularly pleased by UNICEF’s contribution, since there now will be more material on their program’s shelves that focuses on the specifics of the system of preschool education in Kyrgyzstan. Students will be able to read the books in Russian and Kyrgyz languages, which means that in future they will be prepared to communicate with their pupils, in both languages. The books introduce students to innovative technologies for the formation of interest in reading in children of preschool age.With these books from UNICEF, students can take one more step in their profession - the opening of the world's books to preschool children.

Point of View

IMG 4230December 6, 2014 The International University in Central Asia held a city-wide competition for 11th grade students in Tokmok.

“Point of view”.

The competition was held with the motto: "IUCA - the land of choice." The contest has traditionally supported the Mission of Cooperation with Russia and the US Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic.

This year, for the first time IUCA students organized  the competition and were the helpful  assistants of professors.The results of the contest showed that interest in learning among today's high school graduates is growing. When the first contest was held in 2012 at IUCA, the "point of view" on the Russian language and the culture of communication, there were 37 participants. They expressed the wish that such competitions are held annually. "We gained a new experience!", "We gained new friends!", "We learned from this competition!" - They said.
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The following year, the "Point of view" contest, becoming traditional, also aroused great interest on the part of students and provided an opportunity to express their views on the question of working with the information, text, book. The participants expressed their views on working with texts in computer science, the social sciences, Kyrgyz, Russian and English. More than 200 people participated in the contest for 3 days. Of these, 108 people were in the competition for the Russian language and culture of speech.

This year the number of applications for participation in the competition was limited - 60 seats. Among them are winners in four categories.

1. Prizes for "KIT-master" (computers, computer technology)

  (Lead - Head of IUCA’s Information Technology Department, Polina L. Weiss).


1st place - Leo Kowalski, Ak-Bata School

2nd place - Alina Toygonbaea, School № 1

2nd place - Ryskeldi Talgat, School№3

3rd place – Ulan Nasipbekov, School №12

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2. Prizes for "Master of the pen" (read and understand  text to express their views in Russian or in English, or in the Kyrgyz language) (Judges - Victoriya Bulatova, Gulnara Tairova, Dinara Japarova , Anarkul Dzhumabaeva).

Russian language

          1st place - Akbar Dzhumbaea sch№1 s.Chuy

          2nd place - Bakit kyzy Altynay school № 9

          3rd place - Nasib Atabaea  sch № 1

Kyrgyz language

      1st place – Nuriza Zholdoshbekova school № 12

      2nd place - Altynay Zholdoshbekova school № 1


English language

1st place -  Altynay Umuralieva sch №11

2nd place - Anastasiya Lebedeva school № 12

2nd place - Maryam Sarbasheva school № 12

3rd place - Alena Prikhodko school Ak-Bata


3. "Master of Communication" (read, understand socio-political information and express their point of view) - (leading - Head of "International Relations A. Makarov, head of the" Jurisprudence "B. Alymkulov)

 1st place – Aisuluu Moldobekova  school № 9

 1st place - Kiyal Usupbaeva  school № 2 Karakol

 2nd place - Gulnur Askatbekova school №1

 3rd place - Aigul Zibirova school Ak-Bata

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4. Nomination "Master of Logic" (understand information and to exercise logic and wit  - (master - teacher of  "Pedagogy" Marina Zaitseva)

1st place - Daria Sidorenko sch №8

2nd place - Anastasia Shumanova school Ak-Bata

3rd place - Julia Drobitko sch №1


All contestants attended master classes by IUCA teachers:

1. "Learning to argue" - the head of "Pedagogy", Ph.D. Natalya Zadorozhnaya

2. "Learn to listen and understand each other" - the head of "Intercultural Communication" Victoriya Bulatova;

3. "Learning to speak in public" - the head of "Jurisprudence" Beishen  Alymkulov

We all had the opportunity to feel an atmosphere of a warm, relaxed, active interaction between teachers and students, demonstrated a willingness to engage in dialogue, compromises, the ability to work together, originality of thought, the desire to share their opinions, and the ability to listen to each other.

Following the event, the winners were awarded prizes and diplomas, as well as certificates entitling them to a discount of tuition if they decide to enter the International University of Central Asia.


Initiation Day 2014

IMG 3636 On October 3rd  IUCA held an Initiation day for IUCA first year students. By tradition IUCA admits school graduates to the big and friendly IUCA family on this day. Accordingly they are proud to be students of one of the highest-quality Universities in Kyrgyzstan. Many distinguished guests came to IUCA’s solemn ceremony. These included Mr. Yang – the president of the Yrayim  Foundation, Emil Umetaliev – a member of  IUCA’s board of trustees, John Clark –the president of IUCA, Camilla Sharshekeeva – provost of IUCA and the vice-president of IUCA – Natalya Zadorozhnaya. They all congratulated the new freshmen for their joining IUCA.

John Clark presented ID-cards to the students. This is the document that confirms their new status as freshmen. Also, the new student-elected Senate took part in the ceremony when Goddesses of Water, Destiny and Fire initiated freshmen into the student government body.IMG 3629

Then they sang the student anthem – Gaudeamus. There were congratulations for teachers Day too, because the Initiation day coincided with Teachers Day. Students wished them prosperity, professional success, good health, peace and harmony, and noted that IUCA has really professional teachers. Upperclassmen didn’t stay away, they also took an active part and sang popular songs for the freshmen.

We congratulate students on this significant event, and wish them all the best as they participate in IUCA’s life. Welcome to our big and friendly family.

Success and Good luck to you! 


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The art contest

IMG 3539               IMG 3544

The art contest had added up

Students and graduates of IUCA participated in an art contest on the 10th of September, 2014.

Many art works were presented for the judgment by guests and the jury: portraits, landscapes, modern illustrations, craftworks and posters.

The works were by IUCA students. The jury included Yuristanbek Abdievich Shygaev – who is the People’s artist of Kyrgyzstan and Andrey Kalkutin – the folk artist of Kabardino-Balkaria, evaluated each work from a professional point of view and were very glad to see many talented persons among IUCA students.


The  winners of ArtShow were announced:


I prize  – $ 1000 – Rustamov Asan (IR-112) «Flolar Poetry»,

II prize – $500 – Davydov Nail (IT-113) «IUCA»,

III prize – $250 – Kyrkabai kyzy Meerim (ВА-111) «Love Brazil!».


The Public Sympathy Prizes:


$100 – Orozbekova Aigerim (IR-112) «God’s grace»,

$100 – Abakirov Aziz (IR-114) «Choice».

The sponsors of the contest were CHUCK HOWARD и BERNIE MARKS.


The President of CASA and the member of council of trustees of IUCA Butch Rafferty presented the prizes and said that they are going to arrange a similar contest next year and expect to see more works than today.

Students who participated, saw that they had not only an opportunity to reveal their talents but also felt art inside them, and the important thing is that they had an incentive to reach for new discoveries and achievements.


More creativity to all students!!!




Courses of John Mahoney


IUCA is glad to announce the arrival of John Mahoney who is a professor at Kansas State University. He will teach courses on politics and political philosophy at IUCA and he will be working on scholarly articles on religious freedom and democracy.