Humanitarian-Technical College

logo GTK 300x309Humanitarian-Technical College (HTC)
announces the start of new school year
Our guidelines:
• Quality education
• Successful self-realization
• Communicative culture
• Guarantee employment 
The road to success starts here!
The Humanitarian-Technical College is waiting for you!
Address: Komsomolskaya St, 141a, Tokmok
Tel. / Fax: (03138) 6-29-91
Mob .: 0556 97 12 54
 HTC  provides training (full-time)
in the following areas:
• Jurisprudence, qualification:  Lawyer 
• Pre-primary education, qualification: Pre-School Teacher
• Software computing, qualification: Technician
Duration of training:
After  the 9th grade - 2 years 10 months
After  11th grade - 1 year 10 months
All the conditions for successful learning are present in our college:
• Comfortable classrooms
• Modern computer classes
• Library and reading room
• A cozy hostel at affordable prices 
• Highly qualified instructors from the best universities in Kyrgyzstan
• Most of the teachers come from Bishkek
Admission is carried out based on the results of entrance examinations on a competitive basis: substantive testing depending on the direction and interview.
Graduates receive a state diploma of secondary vocational education.
Tuition fees - 40 000 soms


Apple orchard GRADUATES

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Apple orchard GRADUATES

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On April 22, 2015  IUCA held a grand event called "Apple Orchard graduates."
This year, we decided to create an orchard by planting the first row of apple trees in IUCA’s back garden. We want to make it a tradition to do it every year.
The University administration - John Clark, president, Camilla Duishebaevna Sharshekeeva, Provost  and Natalia P. Zadorozhnaya, vice president of the university  inaugurated ceremony of  planting the young apple trees.  The faculty  at IUCA,  also came to support not only graduates, but also undergraduate students who participated.After all, very soon
yabl ped 300x225
they will have to take over this tradition. 
yabl lingv 300x225
The idea to plant apple trees was chosen for a reason. Many people are sure that the apple is an extraordinary fruit  - the fruit  of life, the tree of knowledge; Apples have mythological properties which are always appreciated by people. We hope that the graduates of our university will flourish as these trees will, and bear a lot of valuable fruit.



IUCA in the international arena

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         IUCA in the international arena
An International Relations student at  IUCA, Vitaliy Pykhov, went to a  University in
7CrNbBYWOz4 295x168 Moscow for Eurasian foreign policy courses. Importantly, Vitaliy managed to qualify for participation, and was the only participant from Kyrgyzstan.
“From the 25th to the 27th of April, 2015, I was part of the session on "Creative Diplomacy", which was organized by the Ural State Economic University in Moscow. I was honored to take part in international courses and represent Kyrgyzstan in this international arena. The course concerned issues of foreign policy of Russia, and was for undergraduate and graduate students. There were lectures and work sessions and meetings with Russian experts. There were 20 participants  from Russia and other CIS countries (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine).
 3 undergraduates and 17 graduate students.  In these courses I could compare the opinions of experts and their views and draw   conclusions. It was nice to feel that the teachers of our university were not much different in their professionalism from the experts that I met in Moscow.
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The trip was very busy, I learned a lot of new things, gained information and my circle of colleagues around the world has grown considerably. I looked at their historical homeland and was culturally enriched. I want to express special thanks to my university for providing assistance and support for travel, especially to John Clark, the president of IUCA, provost Camilla Duishebaevna Sharshekeeva, Vice President Zadorozhnaya Natalia Pavlovna, and to Nargiza Bybasova.  I also want to thank the people who supported me,  believed in me and hoped with me. I hope that our students, more and more will take part in international programs, not only within the country but also around the world !!!”
Sincerely yours,
 Vitaliy Pykhov.



Model UN

Dear Delegates and Friends,                                       
Thank you for prticipating in the first annual Model United Nations Conference at the International University of Central Asia (IUCA), in the city of Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan. 
On April 18th, 2015 over 40 undergraduate and high school studnets came to IUCA to partake in the Model UN Conference. IUCA MUN had two main UN organs: General Assembly (Humanitarian Intervention - Responsibility to Protect) and Security Council (Disarmament of States that possess Nuclear Weapon).
The theme of the conference was "Leading to International Peace and Stability".
 Majority of delegates were first timers and have never done any MUN before but this changed! IUCA MUN educated these 40 studnets and most of them will participate in the New Silk Way Model United Nations Conference in Almaty and Tien Shan Model UN in Bishkek.
186213We determined Best Position Papers, in Security Council, IUCA's
freshman student, Karina Ens186210 was awarded the prize. In the GA, Kunduz Adylbekova got Best Position Paper Award. The works were written in an academic style, so the selection comiittee was very impressed. 
On the opening ceremony,the provost of IUCA - Camilla Duishebaevna, President- John Clark, Law Department Advisor - Beishen Batyralievich, IUCA MUN Director - Iskender Usupbaev and Security Council Committee spoke on the UN's missions and involvement of the youth. Besides, Officials wished students to learn more and strive to become leaders and World Citizens. 
Our honorable and recognized delegates are now experienced in terms of MUN issues and we hope to host them in the next edition in 2016.

Celebrating Nooruz in IUCA

 DSC9841 298x198

 Celebrating Nooruz in IUCA

 On March 20, which is the eve of the nationwide celebration of Nooruz in Kyrgyzstan, IUCA hosted an event dedicated to this long-awaited coming of spring.
By tradition, the peoples of Central Asia celebrate this day as a time when Mother Earth wakes from a long and cold winter. And from that day spring officially comes into its power.
In the University Courtyardstudents and teachers of  IUCA gathered. Umai-Ene the goddess of fertility, the progenitor of the Kyrgyz people, welcomed the guests  wishing them peace and kindness, happiness and longevity, -. According to tradition Umai-Ene blessed new year, wishing everyone well-being and abundance.
The students put on a playlet, "The history of the holiday Nooruz", and then indulged in games, songs and dances, DSC9882 298x198

which were organized by the Head of Student Affairs SalimaBayasovna Kupesheva,  and, of course, the students of IUCA.
Then all the guests were invited to the table to be treated to steaming plov, sweets and hot tea.
There was music during the festival , music which represented the long-awaited arrival of spring. Harmony reigned in the yard, all were happy to talk and laugh with each other, and most importantly, it was felt that those present here were a big happy family called IUCA.


Celebrating of Maslenitsa

DSC 1193 292x193

On February 20 IUCA celebrated Maslenitsa - a most cheerful, noisy DSC 1232 292x193folk festival.

The event started with a call to join the Herald.The main guest at the event was, of course, the Pancake, who spoke about the Pancake tradition, the seven days of Maslenitsa and its crowded festive affairs.

Our celebration complied with all the traditions of Shrove Tuesday. Students, teachers and all the staff of the University competed in a "tug of war" and took an active part in the games of "brook", "wheelbarrow", "One foot," Crane "," Ribbon in the queue ", where young men were able to demonstrate the strength and agility, and girls grace and beauty. They held a dance contest "Star of the dance floor.

DSC 1191 292x193DSC 1177 292x193The girls’ dance ensemble Tokmok gave the audience a beautiful Russian dance
"The Merry Quadrille."

According to Slavic tradition, winter was customarily represented in the form of stuffed animals, wearing women's clothes. After the music and dancing an effigy of winter was burned! There was then a winter dance around the fire, which by tradition should burn up all the bad things.
The celebration ended with a rich treat of pancakes with various fillings and tea from steaming samovars.