Debate Tournament on Gender Issues

               The International University of Central Asia in cooperation with NLA University College held a debate tournament on March 9th, 2014. The tournament was conducted as part of the Eurasia project and to the debate questions concerned  gender problems. The main goal of the event was to promote interest among high school and IUCA students in social problems and the ways to solve them.  About 50 high school students from Tokmok and Bishkek joined Karl Popper debate competitions on the following themes:

               1.This house believes that the main role of a woman is to care for her family;

               2.This house believes that we need to develop alternative meanings to the word “manly”;

               3.This house believes that a woman must be involved in politics;

               4.This house believes that men’s rights are infringed upon in Kyrgyzstan;

               5.This house believes that feminism is alien to Kyrgyzstan.

               The Bishkek Feminist Collective СКью also took part in the tournament. A representative of the organization, Selbi Jumaeva, gave a presentation about the current gender situation in Kyrgyzstan.  Representatives of the Youth Peer Education Network were involved in the tournament as well. UN Women showed interest in the event but, they could not come on March 9th. Nevertheless, they included debate tournament in their calendar for “national women’s history month and the month of activism for equal rights and opportunities.”  

              The participants of the tournament were divided to 15 teams. Team “Junior 61” (school # 61, Bishkek) placed first in the competition. Second place was given to the team “12” (school # 12, Bishkek). Tokmok’s school # 1, “Saints and devils” took third place.  Svetlana Nozdracheva (team “Kosmos”, school # 1, Tokmok) was chosen as the best speaker of the event.  

debates                         debates

Maksat Djusupbekov, the leader                                                                           In the Semifinal debate: the «Saints and devils» team (school # 1, Tokmok) 

of the “61 Junior” team giving his final speech                                                 and team «12» (school # 12, Bishkek) arguing the point whether  

                                                                                                                                      Kyrgyzstan should adapt feminism


debates                                debates

Best speaker - Svetlana Nozdracheva                                                                It does not matter who won the cup. What really matters is

                                                                                                                                   friendship and  good will


debates                               debates

The winners of the tournament – team «61 Junior»                                       Participants of the event 


Carnival 2014

MaslenitsaOn February 28 IUCA students celebrated Carnival (Maslenitsa) with games, round dances and other kinds of dancing. The University combines a multitude of cultures, and Shrovetide is an original day in Russian culture. It has the character of a national festivity. It is an ancient Slavic folk festival which lasts for a week. All the Shrovetide traditions are aimed at driving away  winter and wakening  nature up for spring.

At IUCA, students from all programs participated in preparing the festive celebration. Those present at the celebration took an active part in relay races, contests and dances. Students  surrounded the effigy of winter which was burned in the center of the yard accompanied by cheerful shouts and songs, thereby personifying the departure of winter.

Maslenitsa  MASLENITSA  Maslenitsa

Greetings from Norway

250Hello, my beloved IUCA! Am writing to you from Oslo, Norway. First, I would like to  thank  my  parents, who urged to enter the International University of Central Asia. IUCA not only gave me knowledge, but also provided an excellent opportunity to get an education in Europe.

OsloNorway is a beautiful country. It is the coexistence of a modern and a natural world. I can talk endlessly about the architecture and the naturural beauty of this country. Despite the fact that Oslo is not a big city, I can call it multinational. People come from all over the world in search of adventure,  education and work. I have found a lot of friends here, and learned about the culture and traditions of different nationalities. Every weekend we visit historic and modern museums and do interesting things. I am not bored at all, because I study with the wonderful and clever Professor Harald Borgebund. Within a short  time at NLA University College, I have already learned a great deal. We study about The Welfare State, Justice, Democracy and Multiculturalism and Democracy in the Age of Globalisation. Overall, it is very interesting and informative.

OsloThank you very much my beloved IUCA for this great opportunity. Thank you "Eurasia" project. I thank  Siri Elisabeth Haug, Raushan and Zalina Satylganovna very much very much, for they helped me throughout the process. Also, want to say thank you to my instructors Jyldyz Chynarbekovna, Aydar Muratovich, Natalia Pavlovna, Sayera Abdulazhanovna, Alexander Alexandrovich, Christina Donnelly, Azamat Bagdatovich, Alena Evgenievna. and Salima Bayasovna for their invaluable knowledge, advice and for their support. Hello to all of my friends at IUCA and of course my favorite group, Law 111. IUCA, you are the best! See you in the fall semester!


Ferangis Toktieva, Law

Karl Popper Debates for schoolchildren

The IUCA Senate, in cooperation with IUCA’s International Affairs Office, organized a training entitled “Karl Popper Debates” for tenth- and eleventh-graders from Tokmok schools. This event took place in the framework of the Eurasia Project and was the first of a series of trainings. Its main goal is to prepare schoolchildren for the IUCA debate contest to be held on March 1, 2014. This contest will be devoted to issues of gender inequality.

IUCA thanks the following students for their active participation in the project:

Alexandr Shumikhin

Begaiym Bekbolotova

Ravil Mashanlo

Farkhad Toktosunov

debates  Debates  debates

Announcing the debate contest

If you:

  • are skilled in literate argumentation;
  • are interested in the problems of gender inequality;
  • dream to make a brilliant display of eloquence

then IUCA invites you to take part in the Debate Contest on the Issues of Gender Inequality among pupils of the tenth- and eleventh-grades which will be conducted on March 1, 2014. The contest is held with the support of our partner University - NLA University College (Norway) within the framework of the Eurasia Project. The best teams will be awarded cash prizes:

I place - 6000 soms

II place - 4000 soms

III place - 3000 soms 

The goal of the project:

To promote pupils’ interest in social problems and the ways to resolve them, and to develop their critical thinking skills.

The contest topics:

1. This House believes that the main role of women is caring for the family;

2. This House believes that it is necessary to develop alternative notions of masculinity;

3. This House believes that women have no place in politics;

4. This House believes that the rights of men are infringed in Kyrgyzstan;

5. This House believes that Kyrgyzstan should not adopt Western principles of feminism.

Judges and the first three registered teams from Bishkek will be given free transportation to IUCA. Lunch and coffee-break are paid for by the University!

Persons interested in the contest, please fill out the application form. Applications will be accepted until February 22, 2014 at the International Affairs Office of IUCA (room 106, 2 Shamsinskaya str., Tokmok) or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Contact us by phone number: (0557) 221 228


International Affairs Office

International University of Central Asia

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Tel.:  + 996(3138)62991

Application form


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IUCA students visited a boarding school in Tokmok

childrenIUCA students’ meetings with the pupils of the Tokmok boarding school have become a tradition. They are held with the support of the University Administration.

childrenOn November 17, 2014, a meeting to make the acquaintance of the pupils and to give them material help took place. Student volunteers made every effort to organize the collection of clothes, toys and stationery, and called upon to join all partials (not indifferent) to the problems of children in difficult situationsThis part doesn’t make sense – let’s talk about it. A second meeting was held on December 21, on New Year's Eve 31??. This time, children with smiles on their faces were waiting for our visitors from IUCA and they even remembered the students’ names. Students noted that it was a very pleasant kind of attention, but at the same time, they were sad about the fact that they could do so little for them. Students exchanged phone numbers with the kids, and now they can communicate with them constantly. After all, it is important for children to know that they are loved and remembered, and our students not only hear about it, but in fact learn to be compassionate, to do good for children who are deprived of parental warmth.