Student Affairs Office

The Office of Student Affairs exists to improve student life in the university. Its functions are:

  • To solve student problems (academic and non-academic);
  • To create clubs for IUCA community development;
  • To create student newspaper;
  • To create other social activities;


The Office of Student Affairs works through a student coordinator, a Student Senate and a student director.

The student coordinator works out internal and external matters for the students straight through a student director.

The Student Senate is a self-governed branch which defends students’ rights within the university. The senators are elected by the undergraduate students of IUCA once a year. The Student Senate cooperates with the university administration and provides accessible ways for solving academic, social and administrative matters.

Student Director solves the matters which cannot be solved neither by the student coordinator nor the Student Senate.


Student Affairs Office:


Student director:

Salima Bayasovna Kupesheva

Room # 29

Phone: +996 3138 62991 

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Student Senate:

Sarbalieva Stella – Chair of the Senate

Senators: Beishekeeva Aiperi, Orozobekova Guljamila, Orozaliev Azamat, Temirgalieva Madina.