The library

 The chief of the library: Hilou G.A.
 Tokmok.Komsomolskaya str. 141а
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 Phone: (03138) 6 29 91


The library of International University of Central Asia was setup from the moment of the institute "Yraiym" creation in 2008. In October 2009, our institute has been renamed IUCA.
   Since the university creation, the library has more than 3,000 books.
  Students can read books in the library and take them home. Books are issued only on presentation of library card, that student is got under entrance.
IUCA of library provided a new program "Destiny», which uses bar coding, issuing and return of the scanner reads the bar code of books and a library card, which speeds up the process of finding the reader and saves time for the issuing and returning books.
   The program «Destiny» can provide an information relating to the library in a moment.
   There are tutorials in the electronic version of the scanned books and materials for a student work, including the topics of all subjects.
   The library has a large number of audio and video discs, aimed at the educational process. There are also CDs for listening library literature in different languages: English, Chinese, Kyrgyz, French, Latin and German in our library.
   During the year, the fund of library is filled up textbooks and literature. The library acquires manuals strictly by curriculum and teacher's requests. Also, the fund of library is replenished by the fund of "Yraiym", by Chuck Howard (America), by John Ttsai (America), by the library of AUCA, and by the teachers of IUCA.
   All functions of the library are very fast and convenient.
   The library of IUCA works not only on weekdays, but weekends. Also the IUCA students are on duty in these days and in the evenings.
   The library works from 8.30 a.m. to 10.30 p.m.
If you go to the site of the library, you can look through a list of available manuals.
  What do you need for a good study? It is a well-equipped library.
  The library of IUCA is the place where students come not only find information, but also to learn something new.

   A student is a person who tries to obtain the knowledge and often sits up in the library. Also the students of IUCA try to pay more time acquiring a new information.
   Students of IUCA always tend to their goals. They learn and try to be the best to achieve this.


The information for today is the most important and necessary aspect for reception of new knowledge. Employees of IUCA library will help you to get skills of effective search and reception of  new and timely information. New publications are regularly added to several thousand books, and also the fund of multimedia materials, audio and video courses replenishes.


The library plays very important role in a supply of educational process with information. Employees of library provide university with  new literature on humanitarian, politological, social and engineering sciences.


IUCA library is equipped with the newest software «Destiny», allowing to conduct electronic catalogues and also electronic databases of readers. The program completely supports librarian technologies. From acquisition of the literature to registration of moving of fund that guarantees support of all in-library processes and easy work with book fund.


The program is based on the advanced information technologies and is the client- server application. The system gives  modern search device that allows to find any information quickly and conveniently.


The library is opened seven days a week that promotes easy access of students, teachers and employees of university to the necessary literature, publications, educational - methodical materials.

The library co-operates with several international organisations, it is supported by charitable fund "Yrayim", Embassy of the USA.


IUCA library is opened seven days a week.

labor hours hours: 8:00 - 23:00

E -mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.