Общежитие 2013-2014

С 19 по 23 августа 2013 г., МУЦА будет проводить расселение абитуриентов и студентов.

Адрес: г. Токмок

ул. Ибрагимова, 68

Телефон: (03138) 6 16 75

Время работы: 10 00 - 16 00


We offer IUCA students from other towns a comfortable dormitory, where there are rooms for living, rooms for rest and shower rooms. There is a students' service room, equipped with washing and drying machines and a dining room. For self-study there is a library and computer laboratories.


The dormitory has a view on the main yard that allows spending evening time safely and comfortably. One  student's family is in charge of the student life in the dormitory. Protection is provided by a guard agency.


A place in the students' dorm costs 15000 soms for a year.