Students are to be qualified as “always hungry”. Fortunately such students have a great chance to have different fast, tasty and the most important thing, cheap snacks or lunches. Breakfast, lunch and dinner…Almost 100 % of our students and teachers eat in our cafeteria.







Soups -25 som

Green Borsch (borsch with sorrel/dock) with sour cream

Borsch with sour cream

Rassolnik (meat or fish soup with pickled cucumbers)

Rice soup

Pea soup

Buckwheat soup

Soup with trickled pastries

Mushroom soup

Soup with noodles and chicken meat

Soup with meatballs

Shorpo (soup with beef or lamb meat)

Okroshka (cold kvass soup with chopped vegetables and meat)

Porridges -12 som


Borsch with sour cream

Cooked semolina/cream of wheat

Millet porridge

Cream of Corn

Cream of fine-ground barley


Second course -30 som


Plov (pilaff/pallaw)

Stewed potatoes

Stewed cabbage

Vegetable ragout

Stuffed cabbage roll

Stuffed pepper


Manty ((oriental) dumplings)

Hoshany (dumplings (of yeast dough) with meat)

Fried eggs

Fried potatoes

Baked goods

Curd tart – 6 som

Rolls and buns – 6 som

Doughnuts with potatoes – 6 som

--------- eggs and onion – 6 som

-----------rice -       -6 som

-------cabbage -                 - 6 som

Cheburek (a mutton pie)

with jusai                          - 8 som

Samsy with meat            - 15 som

Cake                                  -15 som

Pastry “Napoleon”             -15 som

Pancakes with curds           - 10 som

Pizza                                 - 20 som



Chicken legs



Chicken meatballs



Fried fish


with garnish

mashed potatoes




stewed cabbage

deep fried potatoes

complex garnish



Salads (at the market price)

from 7 up to 12 som.


«Carrot salad»

«Cabbage salad»

«Red beet salad»

«Fresh salad»

«Mixed salad»

«Mushroom salad»

«Beetroot salad»

«Funtsheza» (starch noodle with vegetable)

«Crab salad»  with deep fried potatoes