«Scire leges non hoc est verba earum tenere, sed vim ac potestatem»
To know the law is not merely to understand the words, but as well their force and effect.



The Law is one of the most prestigious professions in any country. The legal profession is always in demand and is one of the most difficult to learn. The purpose of IUCA’s Law program is to prepare broadly educated, professionally trained people who can do as much as possible to promote the rule of law in our country.

Building democracy, the solution of domestic legal problems, presenting Kyrgyzstan on the world stage, plus close attention to the requirements of international law - all this means training a new type of lawyer who can find the answers to the country's complex and crucial questions. The Law Program’s faculty understand these requirements for training future lawyers and therefore works to prepare students in this field the best way that it can.

One’s career and success in life depend on the choice of university. We want our graduates to be successful in their careers and to lead fruitful lives. The Law Program at IUCA strives particularly for these goals.  We will be happy if our goals match your desires!


Description of the Law Program

 The Law Program is a new program of the International University of Central Asia. Courses and subjects in Law meet the requirements of the State educational standards of the Kyrgyz Republic (Ministry of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic on 22 June 2004. № 434 / 1), as well as programs offered by universities in many countries for a bachelor's degree in Law.

The main tasks of the Law Program at IUCA:

- Ensuring the high professional quality of the Bachelor in Law degree;
- Implementation of targeted training of the teaching staff to support and improve their level of professional skills;
- Studying national legislation and the pursuing of the concept of its development;
- Developing the legal expertise of draft laws and other normative legal acts of the Kyrgyz Republic;
- Meeting the needs of individuals for intellectual, cultural and moral development through higher education;

Students of the Law Program of IUCA will learn to:

- Interpret and apply laws and other regulations, norms and rules;
- Ensure that the activities of state bodies, individuals and legal entities comply with national legislation;
- Develop legal documents, make legal expertise of regulations, give qualified consultations;
-Make decisions and perform other legal actions in strict accordance with the law;
-Find and qualify the facts of the offenses, define the level of responsibility and the necessary measure of punishment; to take the necessary steps to restore the violated rights;
-Systematically improve the professional qualification, study the legislation and its practical application using professional literature.


Faculty of the Law Program



Head of the program   Alymkulov Beishenbek Batyralievich

Education : Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University

Civil Procedure  

Courses: Psychology , pedagogy, teaching methods

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 Osmonalieva Nazikgul Jetigenovna

Education: Kyrgyz national University, PHd in Law

Major: Civil Law

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 Dzhakupbekov Askat Zamirovich

Education: Kyrgyz national University, PHd in Law

Major: Law

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Dzhumagulov Aidar Muratovich

Education: Kyrgyz national University, PHd in Law

Courses: Theory of State and Law, History of State and Law of Foreign countries 





  Atabekov Kairat Kulbakovich

  Education: Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University

  Major: Administrative and Bussiness Law





Jon Mahoney, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Kansas State University

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Professor Mahoney is an associate professor of philosophy at Kansas State University, USA.  He is visiting the Kyrgyz Republic on a Fulbright Grant for the academic year, 2014-2015.  In addition to teaching courses on politics and political philosophy at IUCA, he will be working on articles on religious freedom and democracy.  Some of his recent articles include: “Justice in Education and Religious Freedom,” Social Philosophy and Policy (2014) and “Democratic Equality and Corporate Political Speech,” Public Affairs Quarterly (2013).