The Program in Business Administration

The Program in Business Administration has courses that fulfill the requirements of the governmental educational standards of the Kyrgyz Republic. They also resemble Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (B.B.A.) courses offered at universities in the USA. 

The Program includes the following blocks: 

1. general education
2. general professional education
3. required major subjects
4. elective subjects

General education gives students general intellectual and professional preparation.
 General professional education gives students knowledge of their profession, which they will need in their future careers. 
Required major subjects give students theoretical and practical preparation in Business Administration. 
Elective subjects allow students to enrich their knowledge in pursuit of the subjects that they find interesting. 

Goals of the Program:

- to give students professional and specialized knowledge about business 
- to teach students to use what they learn creatively 
- to give students the ability to solve unfamiliar problems and to work in situations of uncertainty. 
- to develop skills that will make our students into effective managers.
In addition students may get a second specialization (Minor) in any of the programs offered by IUCA.