IUCA Preparatory programs

Program Overview



The Preparatory Program is an intensive program of English language learning.

It provides students with the preparation needed to gain admission to IUCA or any other international, Western-style university or college. The Preparatory Program supports all of IUCA’s other programs and departments.


The Preparatory Program includes the following components:

  • · specialized English language preparation, including TOEFL Preparation, English grammar, study skills, and composition;
  • · a preparatory course for college-level mathematics;
  • · Russian language preparation for foreign students;
  • · Academic advising on students’ choice of specialization;
  • · extracurricular activities promoting students’ social and personal development and their successful integration into the academic community. These activities include interest clubs, elective and additional courses, culture, music and art.


The Preparatory Program offers full-time and part-time classes. The full-time program is for students who have finished high-school/secondary school, and want to prepare to enter IUCA. The part-time program is based on part-time classes. It is designed to allow high school students to combine their high school/secondary school studies with preparation for university entrance exams.


Admission Requirements


Applicants are required to take a Placement Test to enter the Preparatory Program. Applicants are interviewed and a decision is made on an individual basis. Upon completion of the program the applicants must pass the IUCA entrance examination in order to be admitted to IUCA.


Application Forms:


  1. Preparatory Program Application Form in English (.doc)
  2. Preparatory Program Application Form in Russian (.doc)



Preparatory Program Entrance Requirements


Preparatory Program applicants will be considered for admission if the following criteria are met:

  • Applicants to the full-time day program must have (or will complete by time of enrollment) a high school diploma, vocational education certificate, or the equivalent  [Note: applicants currently in high school must submit a certificate from the current secondary school certifying that the applicant is in the final year of study]
  • Applicants who are currently in high school must submit a certificate from the current secondary school certifying that the applicant is in either the 10th or 11th year of study
  • They must pass IUCA Preparatory Program Entrance Exam
  • They must have an interview with Preparatory Program staff





IUCA Preparatory Program Entrance Exams


IUCA administers a basic entrance exam for students who are seeking admission to the Preparatory Program.  The exam is much like the paper-based TOEFL, but is shorter in format.  The Preparatory Program Entrance Exam is meant to evaluate an applicant’s English language abilities and determine which level of instruction is appropriate for the student.

The Preparatory Program Entrance Exam consists of the following 5 sections:

  • Listening Comprehension – 15 Multiple-choice Questions
  • Sentence Structure – 15 Multiple-choice Questions
  • Reading Comprehension – 15 Multiple-choice Questions
  • Written Essay
  • Interview


Registration for IUCA Preparatory Program Entrance Exams

To register for the IUCA Institutional Entrance Exams, students must first submit an application for admission to the IUCA Preparatory Program with the proper application fee of 150 Kyrgyz soms. Tuition for the part-time preparatory program is 2500 soms for 48 hours of instruction for the 2010-2011 academic year. By the end of the course a student is given a certificate. Note the learners in the Preparatory Program may register for additional courses and attend classes together with the regular IUCA students.


Full time tuition is equal to $ 1100.

After submitting an application for admission, applicants will be contacted about arrangements for the Preparatory Program Entrance Exams.


Preparatory Program Application Materials to Be Sent To Office of Admissions

  • Preparatory Program Application Form (in English or in  Russian)
  • A non-refundable application fee of 150 Kyrgyz soms. For foreign students this is payable on arrival in Kyrgyzstan.
  • For full-time day program applicants - official copy (notarized photocopy) of high school diploma or vocational education certificate for full-time or if currently enrolled in high school, a certificate from current school certifying that an applicant is studying in the final graduation year  (Note: Upon admission to IUCA, the original copy of school-leaving certificate or diploma with appendix must be submitted to the Office of Admissions)
  • Applicants who are still in high school - a certificate from current school certifying that an applicant will be studying in the 10th or 11th year of high school
  • Copy of main passport information pages and Kyrgyz Visa page (international students must check in with the IUCA within 2 days of arrival to Kyrgyzstan in order to submit copies of their Kyrgyz Visa and complete registration paperwork for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) or for applicants without passports, please submit a notarized copy of a birth certificate or national identification card
  • Medical certificate (Form 086-Y for CIS Citizens); applicants from outside of the CIS should submit medical forms confirming all vaccinations and immunizations as well as health screenings for Tuberculosis
  • 6 Color Photos (3 x4 cm)


Send all materials to:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Room: 9



  • Admission to the Preparatory Program is not a guarantee of future admission to International University of CentralAsia’s undergraduate degree programs.  To be admitted to IUCA undergraduate degree programs, students must successfully pass IUCA Entrance Exams and interviews.

Applicants to IUCA’s undergraduate programs who are not admitted due to low TOEFL scores may also be considered for admission to the Preparatory Program.  Such students must request the Office of Admissions to reconsider their application for admission to the Preparatory Program.