Exchange program

 The best students of IUCA have opportunities to spend an academic year abroad or to continue their studies there.

The criteria for selection are a high GPA, close to 4.0, as well as an excellent knowledge of English with a TOEFL score above 550.

We are pleased to announce that in the 2012-13 academic year two, of our students - Mikhail Kovalenko and Eliza Termechikova (Business Administration) went to study at Rockford College in the USA.

 IUCA students

 Dr. Roberts (the president of Rockford College), his wife Sherile, Eliza and Mikhail.

Two students – Yana Provotorova (Linguistics) and Maria Sidorenko (International Relations) went to study at North Park University in Chicago, USA.

In the 2012-2014 academic years, two graduates of the Linguistics program – Ledger Chonte and Makhabat Aitbaeva are studying at the Chun Yuan Christian University in Taiwan,for master’s degrees.

The students and staff of IUCA, who had been studying abroad are:

2010-2012 – Taipei Medical University, Taiwan, Master’s degree – Nazira Imanalieva, IUCA administrative assistant.

   Imanalieva Nazira

   Nazira Imanalieva

   Northern Illinois University (USA) - Kushubekova Saikal and Akbar Aidarov (Master's degree).

   Three students

   Amina Seitakhunova, Maria Sidorendo and Yana Provotorova (from left to right)

2010-2011- Rockford College, USA, Master’s degree – Galina Vladimirovna Chaganova, English teacher.


  Galina Vladimirovna Chaganova, Saikal Kushubekova and Akbar Aidarov (from left to right)

2011-2012 - Rockford College, USA – Stella Sarbalieva (Information Technologies) and Amina Seitakhunova (Business Administration).

 Amina and Stella

 Amina Seitakhunova and Stella Sarbalieva

2011-2012 – North Park University, Chicago, USA – Azamat Alibaev and Elena Sycheva (International Relations)

2012 spring semester – NLA University College, Bergen, Norway:

Almakan Orozobekova                       

Aigherim Chalbaeva

Nadezhda Tikunova    

Aleksandra Ryabova