The art contest

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The art contest had added up

Students and graduates of IUCA participated in an art contest on the 10th of September, 2014.

Many art works were presented for the judgment by guests and the jury: portraits, landscapes, modern illustrations, craftworks and posters.

The works were by IUCA students. The jury included Yuristanbek Abdievich Shygaev – who is the People’s artist of Kyrgyzstan and Andrey Kalkutin – the folk artist of Kabardino-Balkaria, evaluated each work from a professional point of view and were very glad to see many talented persons among IUCA students.


The  winners of ArtShow were announced:


I prize  – $ 1000 – Rustamov Asan (IR-112) «Flolar Poetry»,

II prize – $500 – Davydov Nail (IT-113) «IUCA»,

III prize – $250 – Kyrkabai kyzy Meerim (ВА-111) «Love Brazil!».


The Public Sympathy Prizes:


$100 – Orozbekova Aigerim (IR-112) «God’s grace»,

$100 – Abakirov Aziz (IR-114) «Choice».

The sponsors of the contest were CHUCK HOWARD и BERNIE MARKS.


The President of CASA and the member of council of trustees of IUCA Butch Rafferty presented the prizes and said that they are going to arrange a similar contest next year and expect to see more works than today.

Students who participated, saw that they had not only an opportunity to reveal their talents but also felt art inside them, and the important thing is that they had an incentive to reach for new discoveries and achievements.


More creativity to all students!!!




Courses of John Mahoney


IUCA is glad to announce the arrival of John Mahoney who is a professor at Kansas State University. He will teach courses on politics and political philosophy at IUCA and he will be working on scholarly articles on religious freedom and democracy.

With new experience for a new academic year…

With new experience for a new academic year…

         Monday and Tuesday, 25-26 August, there was a training at IUCA for Social Science and Humanities teachers in the schools run by the “Irayim” charitable foundation.

One of the participants in the training noticed that: “We have shaken ourselves and adapted to a new academic year”.  Success in adoption of innovative technologies for the educational process depends on the adaptation of the teacher, on her readiness to change her methods and approach to teaching. This training promoted solutions to the problems teachers face while teaching. So, at the beginning of the training, teachers noticed that students are often inactive, they do not show great interest in reading books, and they usually do not understand why they are studying. During the training, teachers were convinced, that if they change their way of giving information, and change the position of teacher, then students will be more involved to the process of learning, and it will become interesting for them, and their study will be conscious.

The value of the training was that it led to a discussion of the problems of ensuring close relations between schools and Universities. Cooperative work between school and university teachers eases the students path to  the system of University education.

The training became a special dialogue between school and university teachers. Our cooperation will be continued.


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Orientation Day 2014 at IUCA

On Friday, August 22nd , IUCA welcomed our new students to our annual Orientation. This is the day when students gather together at IUCA and get acquainted with the University and its staff. They also make new friends and have a really good time with their new classmates in their new environment.

Music chosen by the students was being played the whole time, while the students who run the orientation (sophomore, junior and senior helpers) met and guided them.

The most serious part of the day came when the President of IUCA, John Clark delivered a speech, followed by that of the provost, Camilla Sharshekeeva. They warmly welcomed students to IUCA, but also stressed the importance of working hard in order to succeed. Students success is highly valued in IUCA.

After the speeches the orientation leaders led the students to different classrooms to learn about their particular subjects. They got to know each other through interactions and games. Then the upperclassmen showed them around to make them familiar with the campus. This was a great opportunity for all the students to become members of the IUCA family.

The freshmen were also invited to an Academic Honesty class taught by the older students. In this class, students  learned about academic ethics by playing games, working in groups and asking questions, but more importantly, they understood what is truly means to be academically honest at IUCA.

There was a short break when students had a light stand-up-meal. While enjoying fruit, desert, and tea, they continued their conversations with their new friends. At last, heads of different departments met the students and introduced the programs offered at IUCA.

The Orientation Day ended with a flash mob, a sign that students would have time not only for study but also to have fun. We hope that this day will be a great start to the new academic year!

Students, Good Luck!


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Asel Diushenova at BBC-London

We sincerely congratulate our IR-student, Asel Diushenova, for receiving an internship at BBC-London. She showed her capability and hard work at this giant broadcasting corporation. We are proud of you and can't wait to hear more about your adventure!


Iskender Usupbaev at the Silk Way Model UN

Model UNSilk Way Model UN brought delegates from 10 countries and delegates discussed current issues that influence global markets and politics. I was on the committee of the Human Rights Council to work on the topic of protection against domestic violence. These three days gave me a great MUN experience. Like the Rome Model UN, the Silk way Model UN helped me to develop my diplomatic as well as leadership skills. I encourage IUCA students to participate in Rome Model UN 2015 and Silk Way Model UN 2015, which will be in Almaty, Kazakhstan. I hope that young people are concerned about current problems that affect all states. Young people should get into the UN’s activities to bring universal and effective solutions. MUN is remarkable chance to change this world for better.



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