Ulan Sherimbekov, International Relations

There are many reasons why I like to study at IUCA. But I can highlight the three main points among them:

1) The conditions for learning;

2) Internal policy of the university;

3) Distance from the bustling city.

I find the conditions, provided by the university for teaching and learning, the most appropriate for me and my classmates. The campus has everything you need beginning from Internet access to modern library. Thus, I have no need to even leave the campus. Also, during the lectures and seminars we are able to use not only traditional teaching materials, but also the most advanced media applications.

The policy of the university is aimed at making maximum use of the university resources by students who could openly express their viewpoints and their vision of any issue. The democratic character and liberal views of the professors to students encourage the latter to think more freely and not to remain within some common cliche and templates.

Some people may find it strange that the student can enjoy the remoteness of the institution from the capital. However, relying on my own experience, I can say that living and studying in a distance from the city one can concentrate on his or her studies - the main purpose of a student - and not be distracted by some unnecessary entertainments.

I believe that studying at IUCA is an investment that we do today to get big dividends tomorrow.

*Ulan transferred to IUCA from the Diplomatic Academy under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic.