Delegation from Norway

IUCA was visited by a delegation from NLA University College in Bergen, Norway,  from the 4th until  the 8th of September, 2011. The delegation was represented by Director of Academic Affairs Kristian Helland, Associate Professor Harald Borgebund and Head of International Relations Siri Elisabeth Haug.

The two parties discussed joint work to develop the educational potential of the universities. During the visit, delegates learned about academic programs and principles of IUCA, also with its professional teaching staff, consisting of the most qualified teachers from Bishkek and abroad.


The following events are planned in the framework of international cooperation between IUCA and NLA University College: study of 4 IUCA students in Norway for a semester, exchange visits of teaching and administrative staff of the two universities, the joint writing of textbooks and development of distant learning courses.


The Delegation from Norway noted the professional competence of IUCA’s teachers, the transparency of management, as well as the high level of professional preparation of IUCA students.